Realtor Safety

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 by
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Most of you should know that this month was Realtor Safety month. The National Association of Realtors conducted safety and awareness sessions all over the country. Even if this is the first you are hearing about it, you don’t have to be left out of the important information that was released about how to stay safe and be aware of dangerous situations.

I found some resources on the Realtor Magazine website that discuss how to stay safe while you are meeting new clients and showing homes. The article link is a group of stories from Realtors that have been in a sticky situation while working and how they stayed safe.

Safety should always be on your mind because the world is full of unpredictable circumstances. Always let someone know where you are and who you are meeting with. Also, check out these resources for some electronic solutions to help you stay in touch with your office or family while you are out working.

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