When Should a Realtor Post on Facebook?

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Do you feel overwhelmed by social media? Do you feel you have to join social networks because “everyone is doing it”?  The real reason you should feel motivated to join social media networks is to connect with like-minded people who can benefit from your services and whose businesses you can assist. You will want to join networks where you can add to the conversation and not come across as desperate, spammy or a waste of time.

You want to make strong connections with your clients and social networks are a wonderful way to connect. Don’t expect to connect overnight.  Real connections take time, effort and thoughtfulness. Whether your company is a one-person business or a large organization, your commitment to social networking should be consistent, compelling and informative. Make the commitment. People will follow a trail of dependable, exciting, instructive news.

What typically happens is that Realtors take the time to set up their profiles and then abandon them when other tasks call. If you never return to your profiles, you and your business will be forgotten. People just get distracted, disorganized, sidetracked or overworked. There tends to be no social media strategy. Soon you will find out that your competition will fill the void. Have you ever come across posts where people don’t post for weeks at a time, they don’t reply to messages sent to them, and the company site looks like it has gone out of business?  Didn’t you wonder if the business was still open?

You need to develop a social networking schedule that does not run your life but does keep you accountable. The goal should be consistency. Choose a schedule and stay the course for at least six months. As you find success, you can slowly grow your social networking persona.

So how often should you post?  If you post too much, people might consider you a pest and stop following you, but if you post too much it could be doomsday for you.  You should post in the morning and afternoon and comment when necessary. If you come across some just released news that applies to your buyers or sellers, you should post that immediately.  You can use a program like Hootsuite to help you out and check for comments or replies.

Obviously, your daily social networking to-do list will be much different, given your available time and commitments. Just be sure to make the schedule livable. If it’s not working, change it. Keep making modifications until it works for you. The key is useable content.

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