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What do you do when documents disappear from the screen before you can save them? When the notorious Windows system crash or your house power on the blink could cause you to lose your work before you can click on save? Lot of times we also tend to close an unsaved document after taking a printout. So, how can you recover that unsaved MS Office document and restore your work?

After losing a document without saving, you open up a new MS Word document again. Go to File / Info / Manage Versions. Click on the little drop down and select Recover Unsaved Documents. In Excel 2010 click on Recover Unsaved Workbooksor Recover Unsaved Presentations if you are in PowerPoint 2010.

Saving of drafts takes place automatically in all applications within MS Office. The Auto Recover option kicks in if the document has been open for some period of time. You can easily change the Auto recover interval by going to File / Options / Save. The default is 10 minutes as indicated under – Save AutoRecover Information. I prefer setting it to a more frequent 3 – 5 minutes.

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