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Seembee, available at the Apple app store for free of cost, allows users to upload snapshots, scanned documents or image files into a personalized web-based archive. Users can better categorize and manage small data documents and avoid the heartache of misplacing important information and records. Seembee also makes it easier to use uploaded imagery, notation and audio – capture the essence of important, if fleeting, moments and thoughts that occur daily in one’s life.


  • Upload data to your personal online archive via Wi-Fi or 3G
  • Notes (written or audio) can be attached to document images
  • Convert docs into PDFs and send through email
  • Add titles, tags notes and add-on pages to uploaded documents
  • Virtual stapling/un-stapling
  • Multiple folder/sub-folder options
  • Various tagging methods
  • Convenient segregation of documents, moments
  • Auto upload (automatic saving and upload to the Web), or upon command

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