Stop Waiting on Hold

Posted on: January 19th, 2011 by
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I’ll bet you love being kept on hold when you call for support about your slow internet or about an order you placed online two weeks ago. You press 17 numbers and then hang up on you after a 22 minute hold! There is a solution.

Some innovative folks have a great system to beat the crazy machines. When you are put on hold, you can hang up and, when a customer service representative gets around to picking up, you’ll get a call and be hooked right up. And these folks make it easy – they even have a built on phone book that makes most calls a one click breeze.

What makes this even sweeter (when they finally hook up) is that the company that would have you stay on hold is politely asked to hold for a second until you pick up!

So the next time you are busy showing houses and rushing from one meeting to the next and don’t have time to wait on the line click over to and let them work for you.

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