Using Google Voice as Your Real Estate Partner

Posted on: February 3rd, 2012 by
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I know, by now, you’ve heard of Google Voice, and I hope you jumped on the GV train early and registered your very own Google Voice phone number.  I also hope that you’ve set up your Google Voice to ring all of your phone numbers.  The fact that someone can dial one number and reach you on any phone number you’ve set up in your account is too cool.  Google Voice can sure make your business card much lighter to lift because it won’t have all of that ink for your 3 or 4 or 5 different phone numbers on it.  Well, in addition to that really cool feature, here are a couple of other ways to use Google Voice to help simplify your real estate life.
Ad Tracking – Ad tracking is the process of determining which ads are producing results and which ones are sucking your wallet dry with no return on your investment.  Google Voice can be a wonderful business partner for you to enlist the services of for this less than dignified, but oh so necessary, task.  Google Voice tracks each and every phone call that is made to your Google Voice number.  You can access a history for that phone number that will show the date and time for each phone call made to your Google Voice account, whether you or your voicemail answer or not.  This way you can determine how many calls each ad is producing you and ditch the ads that are not producing results.  Why not save yourself some money and improve your marketing efforts at the same time.
One other benefit of using Google Voice is that you can have a different Google Voice phone number for each of your listings.  If you want to track the activity on each of your listings for your sellers then set up a different Google Voice phone number for each listing.  Copy and paste the weekly activity into an email and send it to your seller each week to keep her informed of the amount of activity on the house.  This one action on your part will make you look like a real estate rockstar (which we already know you are) and it will cut down on the amount of phone calls you receive each week from your desperate sellers wanting to know what is going on with their home.  Tip Within A Tip – Replace a couple of the digits from each number with an X before you send the number to your seller.  You don’t want your seller calling these people without your knowledge – and you know some of them will do it!
Here’s another tip for you… while setting up your new Google Voice number for each ad or listing, Google will only allow you to have your cell phone number listed one time as a forwarding number.  There is a work around to this, however.  Instead of listing your cell number as your cell number on each Google Voice account that you own, list your cell number as the home or office phone number for that GV account.  This work around will allow you to have your cell number receive calls from as many Google Voice numbers as you want to own.
Ok, start using these couple of tips to get your marketing dollars maximized and your sellers pacified! After you’ve set up your multiple GV accounts, come back here and tell me how smart I am.  I love compliments!

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