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Technology keeps increasing, and with that the ability for potential buyers to shop online for homes has increased as well. Buyers that are in the market for a home can go online and view information about a property, a map of the location, video tours, and photos of a prospect new home.

In the current culture climate of wanting instant results, buyers are looking to the internet to hold all the information that they need to make a choice on a house or not. It is rare that buyers tour a bunch of homes now because they can do all the research they want to know before ever deciding to see the home in person.

This weeding out process means that information on the property, photos, and video tours have to be top notch to attract buyers attention long enough to keep the house in the running. I have viewed some really great photos and video tours of homes and I have seen some really poor quality ones. What realtors must remember when uploading these things is that most of the time you only get one impression! So, when the lighting is bad or the angle is wrong, buyers simply move on to the next home on the list.

Read this great article that I found on how to make your video tours the absolute best they can be! The tips in this short article are just great!

Video Tours

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