What Should a Realtor Post on Facebook?

Posted on: November 15th, 2011 by
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Congratulations for taking a brave step into the world of Social Media! Your Facebook Fan page will prove to be a powerful addition to your marketing mix.  Here are a few tips to help you increase your engagement and interaction with your clients and keep them coming back.  It will also keep you on top of your industry with real-time comments.

1.  Keep your posts short.  Let’s think about this. How much time do you actually have to spend on Facebook.  For most of us, it is for a brief amount of time.  You have just enough time to catch up with a few friends and read a few updates.  So, if you want your post read and shared, keep it short! Integrate your fan page with your website and you can easily send a link back to your website with your post.

2. Post consistently.  If you are only posting once a month, you are going to find it more difficult to create a following.  If you post consistently, your fans will search you out and look for your content.  Publish relevant content and update regularly. To do this successfully, you must truly know your target audience. Speak directly to them and keep your message consistent.

3. Post photos, videos and quotes.  It is what Facebook is all about. People will stop to take the time to look at a photo, video or quote.  Photos and videos provide engagement levels that far exceed simple text. This will typically incite conversation while acting as a forum to share ideas, inform, sell, and engage.

4.  Get your fans’ opinions. Ask your fans to give their opinion or ask them an open-ended question. Give them something to talk about, not just read about. Monitor and respond to all “likes” and comments. This is a crucial step to engagement. You must always be listening and show your fans that you appreciate their loyalty.

Follow this advice and your message is guaranteed to be seen and heard. You need to find the most ways to help you succeed in getting out your message effectively.

So what are you going to post today?

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