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Posted on: November 18th, 2011 by
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I used to struggle with Twitter when I first started using it a great deal.  I had issues with my feed being cluttered, not knowing when I should tweet, followers who were inactive, people who were not following me back, etc, etc, etc.  As I began using Twitter more frequently, I managed to read about, or just plain stumble across, some tools that have helped make Twitter more manageable.  Today, I’m sharing my list of Twitter tools with you.  These are some of the tools I use to get out of Twitter Hell.

1. Tweepi – A great way to clean out accounts who do not follow you back, are inactive, or are just not tweeting much.

2. Tweriod – This cool tool lets you know when the most effective time of day to tweet is.  This is an incredible tool for businesses who use Twitter because it tells you when your tweet will get in front of the most eyes.  Too cool!

3. Proxlet – This app will block those annoying FourSquare check ins that you seem to get thousands of times each day.  This puppy will get  you uncluttered quickly.

4. Strawberryj.am – Probably my favorite tool because of the way it filters through all of the junk links people send out and will only show the links that other users are actually talking about.

5. Buffer – On the flip side of Strawberryj.am, you don’t want to be the one sharing those “irrelevant” links filtered by Strawberryj.am, so you need to use Buffer.  It allows you to submit your links to a queue which will post those links in intervals so you aren’t linking your followers to death.

If you feel like Twitter is too much clutter, like I used to, then feel free to try some of the 5 tools above for your own Twitter health.  After you use them for a few days, come back and leave a comment to let me know what you think about the one or ones you are using.  I can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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