What to Blog? Whaaaattt tooooo Bllllloooooooggggggg???????

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Believe me, I’ve been there and done that!  After you decide you need to blog for all the obvious reasons (SEO, added authority, building a following for your website, etc, etc), you sit down to write a blog post and then… NOTHING!  Writer’s block takes over while your mind wanders to the real estate contract you have to turn in, the listing presentation you have tomorrow, and the closing at the end of the month you need to order services for.  Well, I can’t help you with those things, but i can help you to bust through the block.

It really is easy to find blog topics – they are everywhere!  So, here are a few places to look for blog topics:

Listen to Your Customers – Your buyers and sellers are talking, listen to them.  They are asking questions about home inspections, contracts, listing agreements, commissions, appraisals, etc.  Pay attention to what they are talking about or asking and write down the topics of their conversations.  You can fill up a lifetime of blog posts by listening to your customers.

Questions from Family and Friends – I know I will get 1,001 blog ideas over the holidays just by paying attention to all of the questions I’ll be asked about my business.  Everyone wants to know how the real estate industry is, what mortgage rates are, when  you expect the market to normalize, etc.  Write these questions down during the holiday parties, and use those as blog topics for 2012.

Unleash the Power of Facebook – Ask a question on Facebook and get people’s thoughts.  Write about the results to your question or poll.  This can really be a lot of fun if you do it correctly.

Interview Someone – Interview your closing attorney, title company, appraiser, pest company, homeowner’s agent, etc.  Post your interview as a blog.  Need questions to ask, then Google “Interview Questions” or “Fun Interview Questions” for ideas.  This form of blog post is a great way to get the spotlight off of you and on a business partner who, by the way, would LOVE to help you because you are helping them.

Use some of these suggestions to overcome your writer’s block and become the noted blog writer you can be.  I’ve got to go now… I’ve got a million blog ideas I’ve got to write down!

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