Windows 8

Posted on: September 9th, 2011 by
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Microsoft is about to release their new operating system code named Windows 8. After releasing Windows 7 in 2009, they have make huge changes to the interface of this new system. Among the many new features, some which haven’t been released yet, is a 10 second start up. They have done a massive re-vamp on the start up process pathway so that it will only take 10 seconds from power button to start screen.

Another big new feature is the disappearance of the start button. Instead of the button that links to you everything on your PC, there is now a start screen. It runs like a large app interface allowing you to see all your operating programs from your desktop screen when you boot up. There has been no mention yet to whether you can revert back to the button if you don’t like the style of the new features. Either way this is a big release for Microsoft. This new operating system has some huge changes.

Check out the video released from the design department to see some of the new features:

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