You’ve Got Fans, So Now What?

Posted on: November 29th, 2011 by
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When it comes to Facebook marketing there is a balancing act required by all Realtors when it comes to interacting with fans of their fan pages. You should post content regularly, but you shouldn’t overwhelm your audience.  Create a mix of posts – content for your fans to simply take in and content that causes them to interact with you (such as polls or contests).  Provide them with information that is valuable enough that your fans will want to pass it on or just tell the world how great you are.

Here are some simple quick facts about how your customers want to interact with you on Facebook.

– A large portion of your “fans” will read your posts; however, a small percentage (17%) will even share the information you post.

– A large percentage of Facebook users who “like” a brand have also “liked” specific content the brand has published on its fan page.

– 60% of those who “like” your brand will recommend your fan page to their friends.

– 53% of “fans” will comment on posts on your fan page.

– The top two reasons users will “unlike” a page are because the content posted wasn’t interesting or due to lost interest in the company.

– Brands that didn’t post often enough are at risk of being “unliked” by 14% of users

Keep these stats in mind while you are developing your 2012 Facebook marketing plan.

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