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If you are a Microsoft Word user you may be getting headaches from navigating endless menus and tool bars to get things done. If so this free plug-in may be just the aspirin you’ve been looking for.

This neat tool allows you to tell Word what you want, using your own words. It frees you from having to memorize all of the menus and toolbars. You simply type in what you want and – Shazam — Word will do it.

It’s so simple there is no training required – and best of all it’s yours for the asking.

Check it out:

Free handouts for buyers and sellers

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Realtor Magazine’s website has a list of handouts for buyers and sellers. These free, printable handouts give information, contain checklists, and household tips. Also, you can customize them with your personal contact information.

You can use these to give new buyers and sellers in a moving packet or use them for marketing to potential clients. Information is the most powerful tool you can provide.

Check out the handouts offered here:

NAR Wants to Increase Dues for Politics

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Sorry for the hiatus, it has been such a busy week! I was looking around this morning for a post and I found an article I thought was interesting. It is about how the National Association of Realtors plans to increase membership dues by 50% with all of the money going exclusively to political purposes.

Every Realtor does have a say in the changes, but not directly. The Board of Directors will make the decision, so it is important that your representatives know your opinions. I know that the increase doesn’t sound favorable, but the money would go to to preserve the mortgage interest deduction and/or to ensure that some form of government-sponsored enterprise, such as Fannie Mae, would continue to provide a stable secondary mortgage market.

This is an important decision. Make sure you take the time to voice your thoughts with your local or state NAR representative.

Check out the entire article here:

Free Property Listing Website

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Today, I found a website that will let you host one free property website.

The website features:

Elegant and customizable site design gives you the ability to create a professional online marketing presence for your properties. Set up and launch each site in under 5 minutes!

Every property website includes both a branded and a non-branded virtual tour page to display property photos, floor plans, and property information – all MLS compliant.

Display your properties, company information, contact details – even IDX integration for property searching – all within our sophisticated page styles. You can even set a custom domain for your site!

Every agent website comes with a blog for you to share your knowledge, experience, and understanding of your community. The platform makes blogging a quick and simple process – and allows you to keep your website content fresh.

Check out this example:

I know that agents are constantly searching for new & creative ways to promote listings and entice sellers…well let this site makeover your listings!!

For more Information:

Card Munch

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So today I found a smart phone application that I think would be a great asset to real estate agents and brokers. The app is called Card Munch. It is a free, camera-integrated app that allows you to take a picture of business cards that you want to enter into your contacts.

Every business card you submit is transcribed, edited and reviewed by multiple workers to guarantee accuracy; the workers even crop the company logos from business cards! All your contacts are fully searchable, whether by name, address, or even notes. This app will keep a copy of the cards for you to flip through on your phone and it will even sync to your contacts, so you never have to worry about losing information again.

Another benefit offered by this handy little app is that you can connect to your newly added contact via LinkedIN with one tap of the screen. Unfortunately this app is only available for iPhone users right now, but the company behind the magic boasts that is is coming soon to Blackberry!

For more information:


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During the spring and summer months the increase in warm weather will make people more social. Families will be vacationing, having reunions, and visiting parks. Neighborhoods will be throwing picnics and barbecues. People are just more active at this time of year. So what can you do to snag some of that social attention?

I think one of the most effective ways is still the old standard: promotional giveaways. Free promotional giveaways can be powerful marketing tools because they can remind your clients of you and your services when you are not around. By using promotional items that clients will find useful on a daily basis, you can create an effective referral network. Offer customers free key chains, pens and sticky notepads all with your contact information on them. When your clients pull out their key chain to use their car keys, or use your promotional pen to write a quick message on a sticky note with your information on it, they will be reminded of you and your service and can recommend you to their friends who are in need of a real estate agent.

Maybe this year you could expand past the normal frig magnets, pens, and key chains to something more useful or eye-catching. The ideas are unlimited, but I took a minute or two to get you jump started with wonderful new ideas that will get your name out there circulating.

  • Frisbee
  • Tape Measure
  • Key Chain Level
  • Flower or Vegetable Seeds
  • Beach ball
  • oven mit or pot holder
  • gardening tool
  • screwdriver or small tool kit
  • Kitchen gadget (spatula or egg timer)

Facebook Disconnect

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Google Chrome, the sort-of new Google web browser, has been busy creating add-ons just like all the people using Mozilla Firefox already enjoy. One of the most useful of the add-ons I have found is the Facebook Disconnect.

Right now, I am running Firefox because of the increased security features, but after reading about Facebook Disconnect I am thinking of changing to Chrome. The add-on works seamlessly in the background while you are surfing the web to disconnect Facebook from tracking the third party sites you are visiting.

The Facebook Connect is a group of over a million websites that will work with Facebook to track what you do on the web. So that all the pages you visit can appear on your Facebook profile. However, many applications don’t work on Facebook if you don’t grant permission to track, so this is one way around that. Keep your curtains drawn close, you know?

Anyway if you like keeping on top of your online privacy settings, check out what Chrome and the Facebook Disconnect can do for you!

Additional Information and Download here:


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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Does this statement apply to you and your business tactics? In the real estate business the same tasks and responsibilities are performed over and over again, yet many realtors hope for greater productivity, increased sales, and other positive outcomes – just from continuing the same pattern. The truth of the matter is that positive changes start with you!

Think about it for a moment: If you aren’t doing anything new, how can you expect significantly different results? Sure, you might have a good month here and there, and see a boost in your sales for a short time due to certain circumstances and situations that aren’t really in your control. But the prospects for lasting improvement when you’re doing the same thing over and over again are slim.

This is where I find that it is important to be honest about business and focus on the good and bad of your tactics. The first step in developing a business or marketing plan is something called a SWOT analysis.

SWOT is an acronym that stands for:

Strengths- attributes that can help you achieve your goals

Take a moment and list any and all strengths you believe you possess as a real estate professional. What is it that you do exceptionally well, meaning better than most of the competition? Where do you excel?

Weaknesses- characteristics that can impede your aims

Repeat the same process above, but instead record your weaknesses � the things that you don’t do as well as many or most other real estate pros. Admit your shortcomings, so that you can work to improve them.

Opportunities and Threats- external factors that aid you and external factors that impede you

For instance, unemployment and foreclosure levels are problems for many real estate professionals. but some of them turned those threats into opportunities by learning how to help defaulting borrowers save their homes through loan modifications, working with lenders and borrowers in short-sale transactions, and furthering their education by becoming distressed property specialists. This is not about taking advantages of others’ misfortunes. It’s a reminder that when we find a threat is in our midst, there is usually an opportunity associated with the obstacle.

By honestly reviewing your business methods you can learn to play to your strengths and enhance your weaknesses. It is a great way to help step up your business and understand your shortcomings. Take a few minutes to jot down your SWOT analysis and see how you can improve your sales and productivity.

PC Junk Gone for Good

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Every time you purchase a new computer it comes with software installed on it. Companies like AOL and Microsoft add on trial versions of their software, but what do you do with it after the trail is up? Or if you don’t ever want to use it how to you save the space on your precious hard drive? Removing these type programs is often difficult because they have several little bits that are stored all over the place on the computer.

If you run a Mac, don’t think that you are immune to these things. I have removed up to 2 GB off my mac that was just useless language files. Either way, mac or pc, I have found programs to help get rid of these useless programs and create more space so that your computer runs quicker.

For Windows operating systems try out:

For Macs use Clean My Mac:

Finally Sunshine!!

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After all the rain here, it is beautiful to see the sunshine. So today I decided that the weather was so fair and next week school’s are out for spring break that I would give you a laugh.

Check this link to enjoy the funniest real estate listings of 2010. These are REAL listings that just didn’t turn out very good. Remember how important it is to review the work you’ve done before you submit those photos and descriptions. If you didn’t get a chance check out Wednesday’s blog on how to create better listings!

The 5 Funniest Real Estate Listings of 2010:

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