Using Google Voice as Your Real Estate Partner

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I know, by now, you’ve heard of Google Voice, and I hope you jumped on the GV train early and registered your very own Google Voice phone number.  I also hope that you’ve set up your Google Voice to ring all of your phone numbers.  The fact that someone can dial one number and reach you on any phone number you’ve set up in your account is too cool.  Google Voice can sure make your business card much lighter to lift because it won’t have all of that ink for your 3 or 4 or 5 different phone numbers on it.  Well, in addition to that really cool feature, here are a couple of other ways to use Google Voice to help simplify your real estate life.
Ad Tracking – Ad tracking is the process of determining which ads are producing results and which ones are sucking your wallet dry with no return on your investment.  Google Voice can be a wonderful business partner for you to enlist the services of for this less than dignified, but oh so necessary, task.  Google Voice tracks each and every phone call that is made to your Google Voice number.  You can access a history for that phone number that will show the date and time for each phone call made to your Google Voice account, whether you or your voicemail answer or not.  This way you can determine how many calls each ad is producing you and ditch the ads that are not producing results.  Why not save yourself some money and improve your marketing efforts at the same time.
One other benefit of using Google Voice is that you can have a different Google Voice phone number for each of your listings.  If you want to track the activity on each of your listings for your sellers then set up a different Google Voice phone number for each listing.  Copy and paste the weekly activity into an email and send it to your seller each week to keep her informed of the amount of activity on the house.  This one action on your part will make you look like a real estate rockstar (which we already know you are) and it will cut down on the amount of phone calls you receive each week from your desperate sellers wanting to know what is going on with their home.  Tip Within A Tip – Replace a couple of the digits from each number with an X before you send the number to your seller.  You don’t want your seller calling these people without your knowledge – and you know some of them will do it!
Here’s another tip for you… while setting up your new Google Voice number for each ad or listing, Google will only allow you to have your cell phone number listed one time as a forwarding number.  There is a work around to this, however.  Instead of listing your cell number as your cell number on each Google Voice account that you own, list your cell number as the home or office phone number for that GV account.  This work around will allow you to have your cell number receive calls from as many Google Voice numbers as you want to own.
Ok, start using these couple of tips to get your marketing dollars maximized and your sellers pacified! After you’ve set up your multiple GV accounts, come back here and tell me how smart I am.  I love compliments!

Do You…

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So, today I want to do something a little bit different.  We go to the doctor annually or biannually for check ups to make sure we are healthy, but we rarely ever stop working long enough to analyze our marketing efforts to see if those efforts need to be on life support or if they are  ready for a marathon.  So, let’s take a few minutes and give ourselves a social media marketing checkup.  Heck, it could (and should) be much quicker and much less painful than that proctologist appointment you had a few months ago.

I’m going to ask you a series of yes/no questions, and at the end I’ll give you a link to my website where the answers and the points associated for those answers are posted, along with your report card.  We are short and sweet today, so grab your paper, number it 1 – 20 down the left side and let’s go…

1. Do you have a Facebook fan page for yourself?  Yes or No

2. Do you advertise on Facebook to drive more targeted traffic to your fan page?  Yes or No

3. Do you post business postings/updates on your personal Facebook profile?  Yes or No

4. Do you post photos of your satisfied clients in front of their new home or at closing on your Facebook fan page?  Yes or No

5. Do you post testimonials from your clients on your fan page?  Yes or No

6. Do you have a personal real estate website?  Yes or No

7. Can someone find your website on Google without searching for your name or company name?  Yes or No or I Don’t Know

8. Does your personal website have a blog embedded within the site?  Yes or No or I Don’t Know

9. Do you blog at least 3 times per week?  Yes or No

10. Have you set up your Google Places profile yet?  Yes or No

11. Do you have your clients post reviews of you on your Google Places profile?  Yes or No

12. Do you use Twitter for your real estate business?  Yes or No

13. Do you use Search.Twitter to find leads in your local market?  Yes or No

14. Do you have a lead capture form on your website?  Yes or No or I Don’t Know

15. After you capture names/emails/phone numbers, do you regularly follow up with those contacts?  Yes or No

16. Do you use email marketing software such as Aweber, iContact, etc?  Yes or No

17. Do you have a LinkedIn profile?  Yes or No

18. Do you use YouTube or another site for video marketing of yourself and/or your listings?  Yes or No

19. Do you use optimize your videos for search engines after uploading to YouTube?  Yes or No

20. Do you think social media marketing is a waste of your time?  Yes or No

Bonus: Do you have a lead capture form on your Facebook fan page? Yes or No

Ok, click this link to go to my website to get your score and your report card.  Post your score in the comments section with a backlink to your website – Heck, I’ve gotta give you something in return for giving you a quiz, don’t I?

Make Your Real Estate Website Rock!

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We all want to have the “Go To” website for our area.  We envision thousands of buyers and sellers spending countless hours on our website reading reports viewing virtual tours, and finally calling us to beg us to take time out of our busy schedules to show and sell them their dream home they located using our web tools.
Well, it is not impossible; however, most of us get wrapped up in our everyday real estate marketing efforts to really figure out how we can accomplish the above.  The first step in making our dream a reality is determining what consumers want in a website.  So here are a few features that buyers and sellers want to find on their ideal real estate website.
1. Photos – I know. I just blew your mind with the first feature of an awesome real estate website, didn’t I?  Well, bear with me here because consumers don’t want just any photos.  They want lots of really good, high quality photos,  Before you upload a photo for your listing ask yourself, “If I owned this house would i want a potential home buyer to see this?”  Look at every detail of the photo foreground and background before you answer the question.
2. An Updated Listing of Homes for Sale – Nothing will make a potential home buyer leave a website faster than old, stale lists of homes for sale.  you can prevent this by using an IDX type service that automatically and seamlessly will add, update, and delete listings as information is changed in your local MLS.
3. Information – Buyers and sellers want information that they can use when they come to your site.  Provide them plenty of reports so they can educate themselves about the buying or selling process at their own speed.  If you are their trusted source for information, they will come to you when they are ready.  Tip Within A Tip: Blog!  Provide helpful information in your blog to assist their learning.  Tell about yourself and your local area.  Blog about awesome restaurants and local businesses.  Tip Within A Tip Within A Tip: Send the local business a link to your blog in an email and ask them to send the link out to their database.  Talk about getting that blog post some attention.  (Man, this is good stuff, and I’m getting fired up just talking about it).
Ok, now I’ve gotten myself motivated to get out there and do some selling myself, so concentrate on making sure you provide the three items above in enough quantity and quality to keep your web surfing buyers and sellers coming back to your site for more.

4 Social Media Tips for Realtors

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Real estate agents often ask me for those helpful hints that they can use to amp up their social media marketing efforts.  Many times we feel like our Facebook posts, Tweets, and Linkedin updates are falling on blind eyes, and we get frustrated because we are not seeing the instant results.  The next thought that comes to our minds is to just quit focusing time and effort on marketing in these avenues.  But truth be told, that is the worst thing we can do.  We have to be ever vigilant in our social media marketing efforts, so to help boost your spirit here are a few social media marketing tips to use.

  1. Go where your customers are – If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times (Man, I heard that a million times growing up), you have to market yourself where your target market is.  Having 10 social media profiles is fine and dandy, but if you are only devoting one half the efforts to those platforms then you need to cut back to the 3 or 5 or 1 where your target market is.  Devote all of your time and energy to only those platforms.  Tip within a tip – delete the other profiles.  It is better to not be on them at all if you will not be actively updating them.
  2. Don’t bore me with real estate – Wow, as a lover of real estate and business, that HURT!  It hurt me to type it, and it likely hurt you to read it.  The general public could care less about real estate unless they are in the market to buy or sell right now.  Don’t be about real estate all the time.  Mix up your posts.  Tell a humorous story about something that your child said or something that happened at the grocery store.  Post a few home improvement tips, gardening tips, etc.  Mix it up, and be yourself.
  3. Be yourself – Perhaps the most overlooked social media tip EVER!  We are always modeling our efforts after some social media “guru” or expert.  It is ok to model your efforts after theirs, but don’t try to BE them.  Just let the real you come out in your posts and updates so that your fans will know you are a real person.  These are social networks, so be your social self.
  4. Don’t miss the Facebook train – Chances are your target market is on Facebook, so use Facebook to create a mailing list.  Use iFrames to create a “like/reveal” page.  After your fans “like” your page use a lead capture form to get email addresses to use for marketing purposes.  Don’t abuse your list, but a monthly or biweekly newsletter is plenty to keep you on your client’s minds.  Need help with iFrames, just ask me.

Try these 4 tips in your social media marketing campaign to boost your feedback, enjoyment, and profit from social media.  Speaking of feedback… if you have an awesome tip that you would like to share with everyone, PLEASE (yes, that was a slight beg on my part) do so below.  I’d love to know what is working for you!  AND, don’t forget to leave a link to your website for some added SEO juice.

Attracting Google+ Followers for Your Real Estate Site

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So, I know you’ve read about Google+ Pages already because I wrote about the feature on my blog a few weeks ago, and you always read my blog posts, don’t you?  Well, I also know that you went right to Google+ and created your business page because you are an implementer, aren’t you?

Ok, so now that you’ve got your Google+ Page created, you need followers.  Here are 7 ways to get new followers for your new business page on Google+.

1. Stuff Your Page with Content – Think about your reaction when you excitedly arrive at the grand opening of a Whole Foods in your area, and the shelves are bare when you rush into the store.  Having a Google+ business page with no content is basically the same thing, so you need to load your page with content and posts.

2. Promote Your Page on Other Platforms – What better way is there to beef up your followers than to steal them from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts.  They know you already.  They like you already.  And they will follow you on Google+ if you tell them you are there.

3. Install Direct Connect Code on Your Website – Direct Connect allows businesses to become eligible for various search capabilities, including the ability to have a Google+ post shown in organic search results.

4. Add the Google+ Button to Your Website – Installing these buttons to your website will help convert website visitors into Google+ followers.

5. Share Your Content – Pay attention to the types of content that your followers are responding to and add more of that content via blog posts, links to your webinars, etc.

6. Post Photos – Photos of your smiling buyers or sellers, photos of your newest listing, etc are very powerful ways to share with your followers.  Photos obviously appeal to the senses.  Get your followers attracted to your page, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

7. Hangout for a While – Use Google+ Hangouts to live chat with up to 10 followers.  Why not offer an online home buyer seminar or home seller forum where you present info and also host a Q&A session afterwards?

Use some of these tactics to grow your loyal following on Google+ and watch your search engine visibility grow along with it.

If you have a killer tactic to add to my list, please do so below.  I know I can always use more fresh new ideas as well, so your input is appreciated.  Oh yeah, since you are here, click here to become a follower of Stratus’ company page on Google+.

Shhh! It’s a Secret! Part 2… My Story of Success

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So, yesterday I shared with you my little marketing secret.  My gem that works every time I use it.  My ace in the hole, so to speak… Storytelling!  One of the storytelling strategies I shared with you was to tell a “Story of Success.”  I told you that I would share with you my Story of Success today, so here it is.
Last month I received a phone call from an agent in Birmingham, AL by the name of Vinnie Alonzo.  I’d met Vinnie several times before but never personally shared with him what I do to help Realtors grow their business.  Well, Vinnie called me after he attended a class I taught about how Local Search can boost an agent’s business, and he told me that he had a problem that he was sure I could help him with.  I liked his confidence in me, but I wanted to know his problem before I committed to helping him.  Vinnie’s problem was that he couldn’t find himself.  No, no, not exactly that way.  He couldn’t find himself on Google when he would search anything other than his name.  He told me that he would like my help with SEO.  Vinnie is a very driven and competitive agent, like many are, and he was NOT happy with the fact that 3 or 4 agents in his office were on page 1 of Google when he was nowhere to be found.  He asked if I would help him get to page 1 of Google because he gets it.  He understands that an individual agent must be easily “found” everywhere, including having a strong presence on the web as part of his marketing in today’s real estate market.
Well, since I’m never afraid of a challenge, I scheduled an appointment with Vinnie without asking many questions.  At our first meeting we discussed and worked on his keywords and his on-page SEO.  I gave him homework to SEO the rest of his website and make it more SEO friendly by adding more of his keyword “Birmingham Homes.”  Between our first and second meetings I went to Google and indexed Vinnie’s website.
At our second meeting, Vinnie and I discussed blogging and how blogging regularly can help to add more keywords to his site, as well as add more fresh content.  His homework assignment was to write one blog that contained his keyword, Birmingham Homes, and post that blog to his site.  He also was to re-write that blog post 2 more times using a different title and writing each post marginally different than he did the last.  It was then that I almost lost Vinnie.  Although he thought I was torturing him for the sake of torturing him, Vinnie trusted me because he saw the results of my work in the Local Search class I taught.  Vinnie had never written a blog before, even though he knew he needed to be writing frequently.  I showed Vinnie a blog post that I had written about how/where to come up with topics for real estate blogs, and I left for my office.
Well, even though I thought I may have lost Vinnie during our second meeting, I was pleasantly greeted with an email from him when I arrived at my office. You guessed it! It was his very first blog post – Do Birmingham Homes Sell During The Holiday Season?  Not only was this Vinnie’s first blog post, but it is a darn good one. It is very conversational and informative and his keywords are in it.  I quickly proofed it (because it is who I am – I can’t help it!), and replied to his email that he had done a marvelous job.  I received his other 2 blogs over the next 2 mornings, and we were ready for our third meeting.
At meeting #3, we discussed how Vinnie was going to use social bookmarks to drive more traffic to his first blog post and use the other 2 blog posts for article submissions.  Vinnie was still excited and optimistic that we he could do this; however, he wasn’t seeing any results as Google still had not indexed his site.  Despite the lack of immediate visible results Vinnie was still eager to tackle his week 3 homework assignment… backlinking.
Sometime between week 3 and week 4 meetings, I received a phone call from Vinnie.  As soon as I heard his voice on the other line I knew he was excited about something.  “We are on Page 8, my friend!”  Finally!!!  Big G had finally indexed his site, and Vinnie’s hard work was starting to payoff.  He was seeing results, and there was no stopping him now.
When I arrived at his office for our week 4 meeting, Vinnie still had a huge smile on his face, and he was chomping at the bit for more instruction.  We discussed how one of his blog posts needed to be rewritten because the article site rejected it, and we discussed how to properly backlink and why backlinks are important.  I gave Vinnie his homework, about 150 backlink sources, stressed to him that he needs to be careful that his backlinks are not spammy, and I left him and his assistant, Cindy, to let them get to work.
A day or two after our week 4 meeting I received another excited phone call from Vinnie.  “We are on page 4 now! We are moving on up!” I have to admit that I thought Vinnie, in all of his excitement, was going to break into the theme of the TV show The Jeffersons, but sadly he didn’t.
At our week 5 meeting, Vinnie and I discussed the power of the press release.  I left him with his homework assignment again, and the next day I received the first “special report” that is the subject of his press release.  Vinnie is currently making modifications to his second special report, per my request (I know… I already admitted I have a problem!), and I have a feeling that I’ll have his revised second report and report #3 today.
Well, Vinnie’s website is currently on page 3 of Google for his target keyword.  Google still has not found most of the backlinks that Vinnie has posted, and he has yet to send the press releases out to the world (wide web).  So I have no doubt that Vinnie will see his website rank on page 1 (most likely spot 1) of Google once it catches up to the work he has been doing over the past 5 weeks.  So, you may ask, “How is this a ‘Story of Success’ when Vinnie’s site hasn’t gotten to page 1, spot 1 yet?”  Well, today the success here is that Vinnie is extremely pleased with the results he’s gotten so far.  He said that he is happy to see that he is at least showing up now when he is searched.  Once the dust settles, and he finds himself on page 1, spot 1.  The Story of Success won’t be that he’s on page 1, spot 1; but the Story of Success will be that he did it himself.

If you or anyone you know can benefit from being found on the first page of Google and you would like me to help with that process, then please don’t hesitate to call me at 205-979-4412 or email me at andy{at}  I’m always happy to help.

5 Facebook Safety Tips for Realtors

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You wake up on Tuesday morning, sit down with your morning cup of joe, open your laptop and immediately go to Facebook like 90% of the rest of the world.  When you login you notice a lot of crazy wall posts and private message from your friends talking about videos posted and links messaged by you overnight that contained viruses.  Then it hits you before the caffeine can get into your system… You’ve been hacked!

You can take certain steps to prevent this from happening, so here are 5 Facebook Safety Tips for Realtors.

1.  Turn on Login Notifications.  This awesome feature notifies you when your account has been accessed from a different computer or a new device.  Do this – go to “Account Settings” and click on the “Security” icon on the left.  Click on “Login Notifications”  and then select your notification method (email or text or both), and click “Save Changes” button.  Facebook will send you a notification and a link to boot the intruder out.

2.  Enable Secure Browsing.  While you are in the security settings, go ahead and select “Secure Browsing”.  Click the box “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible” and then click on the “Save Changes” button.  Now Facebook will use an encrypted connection instead of a standard one making the information you send on Facebook more secure.  This is important when using an open wireless network because it will prevent hackers from stealing your Facebook network connection or eavesdropping on your communication.

3. Change Your Password.  Change your password frequently.  I know, I know! It is a pain in the rear, but if you get alerts about someone accessing your account after doing #1 above, then your account has already been hacked.  Make sure your password is easy enough for you to remember, but also add upper and lower case letters, as well as number and characters.  Also remember to logout of Facebook, especially when you are not on your own computer.  Closing the web page or exiting the browser does not log you out, and thus makes your account accessible.

4.  Be Cautious.  Don’t fall for the scammer’s tricks.  They are getting VERY clever these days.  If you suspect someone is up to no good or that something seems fishy, then go to to do your research before clicking on a link or sharing it with your friends.  Also remember to logout of Facebook, especially when you are not on your own computer, so when the next person uses that computer to access Facebook they will see you already logged in.

5.  Use Anti-Virus Software.  I probably should have made this the number one tip, but it is really the number one thing you can do to protect yourself from not only Facebook hackers, but from hackers in general.  Pay the money for the annual subscription/renewal.  It will be well worth it!  As extra added protection you can go to and download their free anti-virus software for basic protection. Do it now, please!

Taking just a few minutes and a few precautions to protect yourself on Facebook can save you from enduring countless headaches and heartaches that come from having your account hacked.  Follow the steps above to have your Facebook friends still love you tomorrow when you wake up.  If you have some additional safety tips to add, please do so below so we can all benefit from your knowledge.

5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Twitter

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Twitter for Real EstateYou can’t deny it any longer… Twitter is happening! If your target market is first time home buyers then you probably need to start learning this platform from top to bottom and using it to capture leads (about 15% of the 18-49 age group use Twitter).  Twitter is very unique with a language all of its own – (#)hashtag, (@) at sign, (RT) retweets, and most of us haven’t taken the time to learn it and don’t know how to use it for our real estate business.  Spend some time learning it if you don’t already know it.  Once you learn it well enough, then here are 5 ways to generate real estate leads using Twitter.

1. Start by Creating a Community of Followers.  When someone follows you on Twitter, they are telling you that they are interested in hearing what you have to say.  Focus on giving your followers what they want to hear.  They followed you knowing you’re in real estate, so give them real estate news, advice, tips, etc. that you know they will enjoy.  Don’t be afraid to mix some personal tweets in with your business tweets.  A good mix is about one personal tweet out of every ten tweets.

2.  Strike up a Conversation and Retweet Your Followers.  If someone has retweeted an article that you posted or wrote, then send them a direct message to thank them and ask them what they liked about the article.  By doing this you can determine what your audience is really interested in.  Get to know your followers.  Retweet their tweets.  Trust me, they will start to pay attention and you will see the Twitter snowball start rolling downhill.

3.  Make Yourself Retweetable.  Try to keep your tweets to fewer than the allowed 140 characters so that there will be more of a chance.  A retweet starts like this “RT@username”, (for example RT@mortgagehuntr), so if your Twitter handle is 14 characters long then you want to make your tweets no longer than 124 characters to allow for the “RT”, the space and your username.  Making your tweets easy to share will help to further your messages.

4.  Find Tweets in Your Area.  Since most Realtors are selling homes in their local areas, you will want to find tweets from your area.  The very powerful tool that allows you to do this can be found by using  Go there and type in “near:city” and then your keyword or keyword phrase.  So if you work in Dallas, then your Twitter search would look something like this, “near: Dallas real estate.”

5.  Get Your Prospects off of Twitter.  Just like all social media platforms, you have to get your followers off Twitter and onto your website, or better yet, get their name, phone number,  and email address.  This can be done by using direct messages. Connect to them offline and you will find you can build trust much quicker and easier than you ever could online.

I hope you enjoyed my post and learned something new that will be useful to you.  I promised you five ways to general real estate leads using Twitter, but I don’t feel like I’ve done enough today.  So, I want to give you one more tip.  Follow me on Twitter (@mortgagehuntr) and tweet or send me a direct message.  I will respond back with tip #6, which is a great one.  If you’ve got your own Twitter lead generation tip that you think we can all benefit from, then please leave it below in the comments section along with a link back to your website or blog for a little extra SEO juice.  Hey, what can I say?  I love to help you help you!

5 Common Real Estate Email Marketing Mistakes

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Most Realtors, and most marketers, have a love/hate relationship with email marketing.  There are so many factors that go into an email marketing campaign that many Realtors just throw their hands up and say, “Forget it!”  Don’t let email marketing get the best of you.  Here are 5 common email marketing mistakes that should be avoided by real estate agents.

  1. Having Blinders On – Too many emails are about selling – that’s it! Nothing more.  You emails should be about more than selling – announcements of goals, new employees hired, extending new opportunities to your followers, etc.  Send emails to help educate others – very powerful!
  2. Boring Your Audience to Tears – Use exciting, upbeat language.  See if you can pique your reader’s curiosity with humor, controversy, or data.  Tell a story and grab your reader’s attention with the first sentence.
  3. Trusting the Gurus – Try something different than what the gurus tell you as far as scheduling goes.  Test different days and times yourself.  Try sending your emails at a day and time when your competitor is not.
  4. “Dear <fname>,” – I wanted to cry when I first saw that greeting when an email was sent to my campaign.  It showed a lack of genuineness on my part.  Be sure to correctly map your labels (first name, last name, etc) to the correct value.  This sin can cost you subscribers in a hurry.
  5. Me, Me, Me – Too many Realtors make their emails about themselves or their listings.  That is ok every once in a while, but don’t focus your campaign on you.  Why not tell a success story about the first time home buyer you helped, or the couple who is expecting child number 5 or 8 or 10, or the retired couple who moved in order to be closer to the grandchildren?  Try answering FAQ’s with some hypothetical situations.  Do you see how much more powerful that can be than just talking about your listings all the time?

Try some of these tips with your campaign and test your open rates with previous emails.  You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.  Share some of your email marketing mistakes with us below so that we can all learn something new.

The Importance of Local Search for Real Estate Agents

Posted on: January 20th, 2012 by

No doubt that you’ve heard the terms “Local” or “Local Search” at some point in time over the past 2 years.  Local search is simply referring to a move being made by Google (and other search engines) to return more local search results for certain keywords or search phrases.  Do you want to see what I am talking about? Go to Google and type in “Pizza”.  In the past if you typed in “Pizza” the search results would show websites about how pizza is made or maybe show you the websites of national chains, but not anymore.  Now, the search results show pizzerias located within just a few miles of where you are searching from.  That is the beauty of “local search!”

Google calls their local search engine Google Places.  I am a huge fan of Google Places for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I don’t want the phone number of a pizzeria in the Los Angeles area when I’m in Atlanta.  Google knows you don’t want that either, so that is why they have put so much emphasis on “local”.  But, that is not the purpose of today’s post.

The purpose of today’s post is to give you the MAIN reason I love local search, which is reviews.  Local search provides you with an excellent opportunity to reach out to your past clients and ask them to post a review of your service online.  This is similar to putting a complete stranger who is in the market to buy a home in a room with your fans who are singing your praises.  That complete stranger is going to come away with a warm, fuzzy feeling about using you as his Realtor.  Think about it for a minute.  You don’t typically try a new restaurant without speaking with a friend or family member who has eaten there already or without reading reviews online first.  Many home buyers and sellers do not have a preferred Realtor (likely because the Realtor they used last hasn’t kept in touch with them – which is a different post altogether), so they go online to find a Realtor.  If you are not on a “local” search engine or ranked on the first page of Google, then you won’t be found.  If you are on local search and you don’t have reviews then you are missing a wonderful opportunity to build trust with a complete stranger.  Creating a Google Places profile is simple to do, and getting your satisfied clients to leave you a review should be as easy as a phone call to ask for their help and their email address so you can send them the link to your profile.

Go to Google Places today and set up your profile and then make 5 phone calls to past clients to ask for reviews.  Tomorrow call 5 more and ask for them to post a review.  If you hit some road blocks in the process of making your profile, then call or email me.  I’ve probably built a hundred Google Places profiles and can probably walk you through the process in 2 minutes.  If you have already setup your profile then please leave a comment with the link to it.  I would love to see what you’ve done.  Oh, and by commenting with the link to your Google Places account, you are giving yourself a little search engine juice, which is never a bad thing.  I look forward to seeing your link below.

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